Exchange & 合作项目


There are several different types of semester and summer study abroad programs, as described below. 本质上, the differences between these program types have to do with billing and application processes. 不管你选择哪种程序类型, the courses will transfer back towards your FSU degree program and you'll be able to apply your financial aid towards the cost of your studies abroad. 


当你在FSU的某个学校留学时 大学交换伙伴, you will continue to pay your normal tuition and fees to FSU, just as if you were here on campus. These are among the most cost-effective and culturally-immersive study abroad opportunities available to you! 在大多数站点, you will pay housing fees directly to your host institution (and those housing fees are usually somewhat less 比我们在马萨诸塞州的住房成本还要高). 每学期都有许多FSU学生到我们的学校学习 交流伙伴 schools. Likewise, Framingham State regularly welcomes international students who come from these overseas universities to complete their own studies abroad in the United States. 

FSU is pleased to offer study abroad opportunities through the following 交流项目. At each of these institutions, a wide range of academic courses are available so students from any 梅杰可以去这些令人兴奋的目的地中的任何一个! Students will apply for these schools through the FSU Office of International Programs, and the application deadlines are typically in mid-October for Spring semester, 或4月中旬为秋季学期. 这些学校也提供一些暑期课程. 

  • 在英国留学 东英吉利大学
    • 东英吉利大学位于历史名城诺里奇, 一个伟大的学生城市,融合了历史, culture, 进步思想. 距离伦敦东北部不到2小时的火车车程, UEA has easy access to public transportation so traveling around the UK is a breeze!
    • Students live on-campus in apartments with single-bedrooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms. You'll be able to cook your own meals and can choose to purchase meals at one of the various on-campus dining options. 
  • 在中国香港学习 岭南大学 
    • Lingnan is an English language university in cosmopolitan Hong Kong which welcomes students from across China and around the world. 对于任何对东亚感兴趣的学生来说,这是一个很好的位置. 校园位于一个安全的住宅区, 靠近广泛的公共交通, 绿树成荫的公园, museums, 中国和国际餐厅, 和夜生活. It’s also a few minutes’ drive away from sandy beaches on the South China Sea.
    • 英语是大多数课程的教学语言, and virtually all students and faculty at the university are proficient in English. 这是可能的, however, to take Mandarin Chinese language courses at Lingnan and students with an interest in language learning will have ample opportunity to practice and develop their Chinese language skills. 
    • Students live in an on-campus residence hall with a local student roommate (who has typically volunteered to live with an international student like you as a way to befriend someone from another part of the world). Like FSU, there is a cafeteria on-campus where you can purchase regular meals. 
  • 在厄瓜多尔学习 Las amacrias大学
    • Nestled among the Andes mountains in the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito, UdLA is a great option for any students with an interest in Latin America, 尤其是那些想要熟练掌握西班牙语的人. UdLA offers various courses that are taught in English for international students, and you'll have access to their full curriculum of courses delivered in Spanish alongside local students.
    • You could take all your classes in Spanish or a combination of classes taught in Spanish and English.
    • Students live alongside local and international students in residence halls near the campus. 你也可以住在厄瓜多尔当地家庭. 


FSU's 合作项目 encompass various overseas institutes and universities that are not covered by our University Exchanges noted above. 当你出国留学通过我们的 合作项目, you will apply for admission directly to them and pay them directly for all tuition, fees, 和住房. 这仍然是必要的, however, to meet with the FSU Office of International Programs before you begin the application process, 因为我们需要证明你的申请. 有时, these programs actually end up costing less than the price of tuition 和住房 on-campus in Framingham. 当你外出旅行时,你不需要向FSU支付任何费用 伙伴关系计划 (though you continue to be enrolled as an FSU student and will continue to have access to FSU academic and personal support services). 

FSU maintains partnerships with various institutions located around the world. 一定要回顾我们的 项目的选择 列出不同可能性的页面. 以下是FSU学生经常去的一些地方:



许多学生选择通过a 供应商的组织 谁管理你的留学经历, 通常是和你所在国的大学合作. 总部设在美国,你的 留学机构 会处理你的申请, 膳食计划, 住房安排, 课程安排, and other logistical essentials of your international education experience. 大多数供应商也包括国内保险和团体旅行.

As with the aforementioned 合作项目, when you go abroad with a 留学机构 you will apply for admission directly to that organization after having consulted with the FSU Office of International Programs. 您还将直接向提供商支付所有学杂费. You continue to be enrolled as an FSU student and will continue to have access to FSU academic and personal support services. 

以下是几个高质量的 留学机构 that have regularly welcomed students from Framingham State University on their programs overseas. All of these organizations deliver multiple programs in different places around the world. 除了秋季或春季学期, many of these organizations also administer shorter-term programs during the summer and winter sessions. You may find that the cost of their tuition and fees will vary greatly from location-to-location, but that they also may offer program-specific scholarships to help defer those varied prices. 

Yes, as you can see, nearly all study abroad providers go by their acronyms or initials. 这只是国外教育领域一个有趣的现实!